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Workable Solutions Application - CitiMortgage
CitiMortgage Hardship Assistance Package . Please enter the second job employer information below, if applicable: Borrower's . Is the property for sale? | Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:15 am | (Loading…

CitiMortgage - Retail - Mortgage Homeowner Assistance - Facing ...
Short Sale. A short sale is when you sell your house for less than the principal balance of the existing mortgage. Typically in a short sale, the homeowner is .

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CitiMortgage CustoMer HardsHip assistanCe paCkage part a ...
CitiMortgage CustoMer HardsHip assistanCe paCkage . Rent. Keep. Is this property for SALE? Yes. No . Do you have any other debts or obligations secured by this property (i.e, second mortgage, home equity loan, judgments or liens)? Yes .

My (2nd Mortgage) CitiMortgage Settlement Story/Timeline
Mar 2, 2011 . I stopped payment on my second mortgage in July of 2010 as . I was NOT interested in short sale and that I was making a settlement offer.

HARDSHIP ASSISTANCE PACKAGE. PART B . Property for SALE? List Date/ Price . (Example: second mortgage, home equity loan, judgments or liens) .

A Short Sale May Not Mean You're Home Free -
Apr 30, 2009 . Speaking generally, he says, "a short sale may resolve the first mortgage, but the second mortgage ... would be a separate negotiation with the .

How To Handle A Citimortgage Short Sale
To many, a short sale can be A number of people may find a short sale . More likely than not, you may be wondering how to get a Citimortgage short sale approved. . The second important guideline you should know is that Citi does not handle . you can present the bank with all of these forms when starting the process.

CitiMortgage Short Sale Information
CitiMortgage Short Sale Information. May 5, 2011 By Jonathan Osman Leave a Comment · CitiMortgage If you have a first or second mortgage with CitiMortgage .

Citi Short Sales - Short Sale Specialist Network
2nd lien Short Sale Dept: 866-520-5499 . CLICK HERE for a Citi Short Sale Package and Mortgage Hardship Assistance Package . I was contacted by a CitiMortgage short sale dept. member and told that my client could have his second .

Update on Short-Sales Involving CitiMortgage | Loudoun Foreclosures
Apr 30, 2009 . Tags: citi, citi short-sales, citimortgage, short sale approval, . Short sale First Place - Foreclosure close second or visa versa… . I just recieved a new loan package…a 40 yr loan with $10000 of fees added to the total.

Tip Mortgage
Feb 12, 2012 . citimortgage fha streamline refinance . short sale process, payoff phone number and the contact details of loss mitigation . Debt forgiveness is reported by the lender using Form 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt. . Also, mortgages for second houses and rental properties do not qualify for the exclusion.

“I didn’t do it for the money,” said Hunt in an interview last week with her and her lawyer, citizen florida home owner insurance.

Citimortgage Loan Modification & Refinancing Program
Lenders such as Citimortgage and Chase are bound by the agreements they signed under Stimulus Package to offer loan modification services to every . Many people are confused over the terms short refinance and short sale. . on the reduced installments and get a second chance to get their poor finances sorted out.

Case Study of a CitiMortgage Short Sale in Sacramento
May 4, 2010 . The entire short sale package required by CitiMortgage was delivered the . Two weeks later, the file was assigned to a second negotiator.

National Mortgage Settlement Information
Feb 9, 2012 . Some of this information is specific to CitiMortgage customers. . Have either a first or second mortgage on an occupied property; Are . Service on a 1099C form, a copy of which would be mailed to you. . For homeowners who may want to leave their home, options such as a short sale are available today.!/national-settlement-information

Citimortgage Short Sale - The Ins and Outs
Oct 29, 2009 . Too many, a short sale can be daunting, but if you have an . More likely than not, you may be wondering how to get a Citimortgage short sale approved. . The second important guideline you should know is that Citi does not handle . can present the bank with all of these forms when starting the process.


The Citi Mortgage Blog | Delinquent? A short sale may offer the ...
July 15, 2011 by carolyn marshall, CitiMortgage . One of them is called a short sale, and it just may be the relief you seek. . If you have a second lien holder, you will need to not only get approval from your first mortgage lien holder but also the second lien holder. 2. . Looking for your Form 1098 Year End Statement?

Chicago Short Sale Resource, Information, Frequently Asked ...
We are paid by the Seller's Short Sale Lender: CitiMortgage Short Sale, Citi . In most cases, the problem is with the 2nd mortgage, that may require 10% of the . Your lender will issue a 1099 form to write off the loss and send one copy to the .

How to Stop Paying a Second Mortgage |
You could have a first and a second mortgage on your home depending on how much equity you have in your property. . A second mortgage means that the mortgage document was filed, after your first mortgage, . How Does the Second Mortgage Get Paid After a Short Sale? . How to Stop Foreclosure with CitiMortgage .

Citi Mortgage Short Sale and Foreclosure Information - YouTube
Apr 3, 2012 . CitiMortgage Changes Short Sale Policy Again!by boblachance1006 . Second Mortgage Short Sale Expertsby ShortSaleShift1 view · Strategic .

Underwater? Negotiating a Settlement On a Second Mortgage ...
Jul 13, 2011 . Tagged as: mortgage, second mortgage, short sale, underwater mortgage options . I'd love to try the same with Citimortgage but am not in the rear on any . 1/2 of the deficiency because I am on the original loan documents?

Citimortgage pays borrowers average of $12000 on a short sale ...
Jun 16, 2011 . CitiMortgage paying borrowers $12000 after a short sale . of billions of dollars of second mortgages on their books (mostly in the form of.

How to Handle a Wachovia Short Sale - Home Buying / Selling ...
Other banks such as Bank of America, CitiMortgage or Wells Fargo generally . Some second lenders try to push sellers to commit short sale mortgage fraud.

Virginia Short Sale Specialist / Realtor - Certified Distrssed Property ...
Oct 13, 2011 . Charter Bank (Capital Mortgage) Short Sale Approval Letter . Bank involved is ASC and Citimortgage. . Agents are paid by bank in the form of commission. . This was an approval for both first and second mortgage with .

CitiMortgage loan modification
short sale hardship letter · Stop Foreclosure Sale . If getting a CitiMortgage loan modification has been a fight for you – I have good news . Double dipping is a form of SECURITIES FRAUD. . That's the second time the banks got paid in full.

Citimortgage Short Sales
Dec 19, 2011 . All about CT Citimortgage and Citibank short sales. . Second - my seller committed the cardinal sin of short sales - not providing . weeks on the market later, a strong cash buyer was secured and a package headed off to Citi.

Chicago Short Sales & Avoiding Foreclosure
Apr 15, 2012 . Chicago Short Sales| PMI And Short Sales| Private Mortgage . Once you get an offer on your short sales property, and send the short sales package to the bank, the private mortgage . Our Online Marketing Plan Is Second To None! . Chicago Short Sales| Citimortgage Short Sale Documents| Short Sale .


Looking Out for Short Sale Fraud; why it happens and how it happens
Don't wait any longer, our form takes less than 2 minutes to complete! . Let me clarify; short sale fraud has occurred as a result of second mortgage lien holders . they know firsthand that there were representatives from CitiMortgage and JP .

Short Sale Approvals - IML Real Estate - Orange County CA Short ...
Here is a sampling of some of actual short sale approval letters from lenders obtained by IML Real Estate. . A recent Citimortgage short sale success obtained by IML Real Estate . Short Sale Submission Form. With some . 2nd Mtg. Lender: .

Boston Short Sale - Part 2
Mar 12, 2012 . Owning a house or having a mortgage under one's name is indeed the great . For sellers who want the debt fully-cancelled, an IRS form 982 needs to . Why is it important to have a Boston Short Sale Specialist? . A short sale with CitiMortgage will at least take a bit of the headache out of the equation.

Congressman Howard Berman :: Representing the 28th District of ...
You can fax the form to (818) 994-1050 or bring it to our district office. . enticing second mortgage holders to relinquish liens that would prevent a short sale.

California One Action Rule
You own a home and have a first and second mortgage, both secured by a deed of . (a) There can be but one form of action for the recovery of any debt or the . Notwithstanding Section 701.630, the sale of the encumbered real property or . of America, Countrywide, Deutsche, SPS, OCWEN, U.S. Bank, Citimortgage, etc.

Free Sample Hardship Letter-How to Write a Hardship Letter eBook ...
. Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) with a sizeable second lien holder. . A poorly written mortgage hardship letter can sabotage your short sale . off "My Hardship Letter" Consumer E-Book or $50.00 off the Wizard Package . Community Bank & Trust Company, CitiMortgage, CitiMortgage Inc. Citizens 1st National Bank .

Vokshori Law Group Blog - Best Mortgage Loan Modification ...
5 days ago . Five big banks have finally agreed to a mortgage settlement that is described as . CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Ally Financial have . qualify for mortgage assistance in the form of principal balance and interest . its creditors to let it do a short sale of its headquarters, dumping it for $34 .

There is No Such Short Sale as a Citimortgage Freddie Mac HAFA ...
Apr 20, 2012 . After closing hundreds of short sales in Sacramento, this agent has learned a thing or two about short sales. . But I can't fix the short sale problem at Citimortgage. . That's because no matter how many times I tell them that Freddie Mac has no ARASS form, they try to push that through, and it won't work.

Alpharetta Short Sale
Alpharetta Short Sales in GA - Your Source for all the short sales in Alpharetta and . 800-283-7918 Short Sale Dept: 866-713-4785 2nd lien Short Sale Dept: . Short Sale Package: Citimortgage (800) 283- 7918 .

Mortgage : Bad Credit Advisor
Nov 3, 2011 . Guides, tips, sample report dispute forms and expert help for bad credit repair . Q: I am employed but delinquent on my first and second mortgage . Quite a few home owners whose mortgage is owned / served by CitiMortgage . Q: I am getting on with my life after recent short sale, and want to buy a house .

Short Sale Workshop
Feb 22, 2012 . second homes or rental properties may be eligible for a. HAFA short sale or. DIL. February 2012 | Making Home Affordable. • HAFA is extended .

Short Sale Fraud | Real Estate Investing
Feb 14, 2012 . So, if there is a second mortgage the short sale has to be negotiated out of . The money was requested in the form of a cashier's check prior to the closing. . from CitiMortgage and JP Morgan Chase involved in this already.


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REOs - Ambassador Information
Required Short Sale Documents for ASC: ASC Short Sale Listing Agreement . ( 866) 989-2089, (866) 989-2088 Second Mortgage Division: (866) 520-5499 . Citimortgage - (800) 283-7918 Citi Customer Hardship Assistance Package Short .

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